About the Plan

The City of Aiken recently began the process of preparing a comprehensive plan that will build upon the recent City visioning and strategic planning process.  The comprehensive plan is intended to serve as both a physical and policy plan to guide the City over the next 10 to 20 years. The plan will help to inform decisions concerning land use and development, historic and cultural resources, environmental and natural resources, economic development, municipal services, transportation, recreation, housing and priority investments. As part of the planning process, the City will begin by conducting stakeholder interviews to receive guidance and feedback on the topics covered by the plan. The updated plan will establish meaningful and achievable goals, as well as strategies and policies for the implementation of the plan.

City of Aiken Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting at USC Aiken

Public Meeting at USC-Aiken - July 21

Comprehensive Plan

CLICK HERE to view the Adopted Plan.

Thank you to all of the citizens, business owners and community leaders that participated in the planning process!